trader joe's!!!

c is a genius. he suggested we go to trader joe's rather than whole foods. he estimates we'll save over $125,000 per year shopping at trader joe's instead of whole foods. i agree - that's more than $2,000 a week! haha.


and valencia almonds. and pumpkin seeds. and other delicious things. we spent half of what the same amount of stuff would have cost at whole foods. the only bummer is you can't get EVERYTHING at tj's; they didn't have parsnips, for example. but now maybe i can menu plan to only hit up tj's for the most part. their selection of raw nuts and seeds was incredible!

we watched body of lies and burn after reading. on a scale of 1 to 10, i would rate the first at an 8 or so due to action, suspense, and likable characters. i would rate the second at 2 because it sucked. i didn't like anyone in the movie except the gym manager, and he (along with everyone else) got killed. the story was kind of clever, but it was mostly a waste of time.

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