What to do with my life

After reading this, I suddenly felt as though there is, in fact, hope for me to do something else with my life. Instead of feeling afraid as I have been, I now feel optimistic that a world of possibilities is opening up before me.

You see, my job, although easy, sometimes fun, recently complete with business cards, and definitely cushy, does not fulfill me. So much of my self-identity is bound up in my job that when I'm wasting time (as I often am at work), I really feel I'm wasting myself. It's not necessarily that I don't even like the kind of work in which I'm trained; the fact is that I am pursuing employment in a dying industry. Newspapers left and right are folding, and magazines are surely next. I don't like sitting at a desk in front of a computer all day, either.

Steve Pavlina got me thinking about my purpose in life. He says to spend some time jotting down potential purposes in life until you hit on one that brings tears to your eyes. He says it takes on average about half an hour.
I spent hours thinking about this. The closest I've come is: My purpose in life is to show love to beings who feel unloved. Now, what does this mean? Work in nursing homes? Animal shelters? Escort services? (Kidding.) None of these line up with what I have below, however...

I decided to brainstorm professions, activities, or potential income streams that I think or know I might like, regardless of ease, availability, location, or extra training or schooling involved:

playing piano (or organ) in churches, department stores, etc.
renting my piano skills out for bands, events, whatever
writing cookbooks
freelance editing
personal training
veterinary care
being a dietitian/nutritionist
owning/managing a restaurant
cooking/preparing food in a restaurant
waiting tables in a restaurant
being a pastry chef
being a personal chef
colon hydrotherapy
massage therapy
tutoring for English
detective work

...and that's all for now. What I need from you, please: more ideas, positive reinforcement, and constructive criticism. I really appreciate any direction in which you can steer me. Where would I excel? At what would I fail miserably? How do I reconcile my so-called purpose in life with a profession I can enjoy?


  1. what are you good at? what do you love doing?
    name ten surprising talents.
    who do you know? think of the most famous/influential/best person you know;
    how do you know them? often times, inspiration comes from examining relationships, not only to people, but ideas too.

  2. So, I have uttered the phrase "I'm having a quarter life crisis" at least sixteen times this year. You're not alone. I think that people with old souls (like us) tend to think that we should be doing our 'life purpose' job right here and right now. I agree, but the economy makes me rethink everything. I would feel guilty giving up a job where i make decent money in these 'hard times'. Truth be told, you just need a plan. You really need to think how long do I want to work at this job, and plan from there. For example, I have given up my soul for my job, but I know the expiration date (I'm going to law school). You learn from your positions. I learned that I HAVE to be my own boss. This may not be helpful, but know that you aren't alone!! Hugs~

  3. @leroy good advice, except my main talents involve making others feel awkward. I have an almost magical ability to awkwardify any situation. I'll think on your proposals, though.
    @AM I guess I had forgotten that we were in fact old souls. I do feel a bit guilty even saying that I don't like my job because so many people don't have them. Nevertheless, I want to come up with a plan this month and have it in motion by the end of the year.


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