Apartment pictures.

As promised:

The view from the balcony... You could see the city if this enormous tree weren't there.

I forget what this type of window is called, but it is cool.
We are apparently allowed to have a small gas (or electric; do they even make such a thing?) grill on the balcony. I need to find out how much sunlight the area's going to get so I can decide what to grow out there. My options: basil, burdock, tomatoes, green onions, parsley, mint... I'll probably think of some more later. I hope I don't run out of room.

Everything is electric!

Closet space galore!

A door between the shower/toilet and the sink? Get out of town!

Pool (not heated)! Hot tub! Exercise machines! Sauna! Detox party at my house!

Bar! We could put stools here, but there may be some crowding with the dining set. I hope not.

I went to aikido twice in one day (Wednesday). It was my first time going to a weekday morning class, and it was awesome. I learned that my night vision is very poor and that Bakesale Betty makes cinnamon rolls at approximately 6:30 a.m. I also discovered that my flexibility decreases by about 50 percent between 6:30 p.m. and 6 a.m. But since I also went that same night, today I am feeling a little... abused? I wouldn't describe it as soreness or pulled muscles; it's more like my bones are tired. Know what I mean? I also have enormous bruises on my wrist from attempting a few measly taino henkos with K Sensei. On the plus side, I think I learned how to do it. Finally. Well, maybe.
I like it when sensei gives some kind of motivational speech about putting more energy into our techniques. Suddenly, the freshly painted walls echo with hilarious kiais. I like listening to LE's and DA's kiais most of all.

I am so over this Ani Phyo sunflower seed pate I made. I need to start making smaller quantities of stuff so I don't throw away leftovers because nowadays there's no feeling more shameful to me than that of tossing food into the trash can when so many people don't have food.
Speaking of food, I've opted to make a carrot cake for the Tai Sai potluck. I love potlucks. There's nothing better than pouring your soul into a lovely dish and sharing the fruits of your labor with your friends. I also feel good about myself when people like what I have made.

We got a book on Kauai. There are so many activities for us to do and waterfalls everywhere:

So I started to ease into running. Don't laugh. I know that every other time I have attempted such a thing, I have failed. I even quit all the sports I played in middle and high school because I hated to run. But I actually found a little program that's set up to help you do it without overworking or injuring yourself immediately as I am wont to do. It's supposed to be so good for you in many ways (if you don't already have joint problems or something) that plain old ellipticaling or biking or stair-stepping just can't parallel. Plus you can do it anywhere. So I would like to be able to do it even if I choose not to much of the time.

I went back on Lexapro, and my head feels connected to my body again. My mood, focus, and sleep are still kind of blah, but I have confidence that this will be fixed soon.

Tonight I went to M and V's house, where I watched her paint for one of her art classes. I am truly in awe of visual artists. My mother is one also. For a while, my parents thought I was one because I was drawing like a sixth-grader in third grade. However, everyone else caught up and then surpassed me. I still draw like a sixth-grader. M is very good, though. I hope someday she sells her paintings or gives me one out of the goodness of her heart. She gave me a new dress today, but I left it at her place on accident. She also let me borrow a Cousens book.


  1. The place looks great! Can't wait to see it. I am picturing us sitting on your balcony now with drinks in hand.. or by the pool. Do they allow you to take drinks out by the pool? I suppose if they're not glass it would be alright.

  2. The type of window you showed is a jalousy window--hope I spelled that right, I would hate to be called out by the grammar police!

    The place looks wonderful. I am happy for you two! And can't wait to visit...

  3. Sarah S30.4.09

    the apartment looks adorable. Awesome find!

    And you'll have to tell me what's fun in Kauai since I'll be heading that way after my wedding in July. So scout out the cool activities for us :)

  4. Thanks! We are excited.
    Sarah S, we're doing a lot of hiking and a helicopter tour. I'll keep you posted.


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