Beach bumming.

We finally watched Milk. I was afraid it was overhyped, but I was wrong. One of the best movies I have seen. James Franco is such a cutie.

We've been watching so much 24 that it's showing up in my dreams. Crazy!

Jack Bauer follows orders, not his conscience, but he's still a rock star in my book.

This weekend was another dojo cleanup day. I did a lot of dusting. I found a Nerf football and then hid it again for some lucky person to find because it couldn't fit in my backpack. Next week is Tai Sai, for which all this cleanup happened.

I got a new bike seatpost, and I cannot express how much of a difference it makes! I love the people at Tip Top Bike Shop; Richard not only found my seatpost but also installed it and ensured it was proper height before letting me take off. It really increased my desire to ride places and made it much more comfortable.

Saturday night, we went to Coach Sushi, which is so delicious. I always order the seaweed salad and avocado sashimi, which has avocado and sesame seeds wrapped in some sort of radish. MMM. Plus the bottomless sake, which is served in cedar boxes that you can decorate and keep there for next time.

The weather was so beautiful this weekend! What did I do to deserve such gorgeous days? We walked to Lake Merritt and fed tortillas to the ducks.
Some ducks were really tired:

Other ducks had weird stuff going on with their bones or something:

Today we went to the beach in Alameda. C read our new book on Kauai.

I laid on the sand, ate kumquats, and read the book M lent me:

It was beautiful! Perfect weather, no crowds, and I even have some tan lines now! It was such a clear day:

C edited this picture to look cool:

People like to fly kites here because it's so breezy:

There are often windsurfers, too, but not when we were there. We went early.

I saw these flowers:

I had only ever seen purple ones before, not yellow ones. It got really hot today, but I kind of like it when it is. It won't be so nice at work tomorrow, though!

I was bangin' on my to-do list today. I cleaned the bathroom, organized mail, did white laundry (the bleach pen did nothing for the black stains on my white coat, sadly), and even squeezed in a nap and a gym session! Good times.

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