I cannot recommend them highly enough. I feel so light. And healthy! And happy! And clear! And although I am (still) not going to bed early enough, I definitely have more energy. I think I felt like thoughts were just rattling around in my brain nonstop with no rhyme or reason; now everything seems calm and comparatively rational. It is uncomfortable during the procedure, that's for sure. But the benefits outweigh the discomfort. It's amazing to see what comes out of you even when you haven't been eating!

Speaking of poop, there has been quite a sharp increase in the amount of it I've seen lying on the sidewalk this week. Just hangin' out, sayin' hey. But surely it can't all be blamed on the dogs; I doubt there are that many Bull Mastiffs or St. Bernards in the city.

My rash seems to have gone away, but now I have a toothache. Geez, it's like nothing can ever be perfect! ;) I need to go to the dentist soon, anyway. I might try oil pulling, too, as I've been considering doing that for a while. I've heard it's very simple, very effective.

I got a haircut. I made the mistake of telling Gregory at Spa | Bar that he could "get creative." Now I finally am rocking the fashion mullet I always wanted in college and never had. Pictures come later when (if?) I learn how to style it.

After thinking about many different career opportunities, I think the (at least short-term) one that would give me variety, let me be my own boss, and still make use of my education would be a combination of two part-time jobs: copy-editing (freelance) and personal training. I would get certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise, both of which offer at-home study (exam taken on location, though) and would amount to about $500. I hope to have at least started studying by the end of this year. I also think my knowledge of and interest in nutrition would add to my skills. Plus I could still do copy-editing on the side and exercise my formidable grammar muscle.

Another thing I thought of that really strikes a chord with me right now but would be much longer-term is becoming a naturopath. This would definitely fulfill my parents' dreams of me becoming a doctor without as much messy stuff like surgery and needles. It's a four-year program, though, and very few universities offer accredited naturopath degrees. The closest ones are in Portland, Oregon, and Tempe, Arizona. I'm trying to think of the pros and cons.
Cons include that I never excelled in science, but it was only the math part, I think, that made me lose interest. I always liked the curiosity aspect. Case in point: When I was little, I used to play with those Koosh balls and pretend I had found the cure for AIDS hidden inside. I played games like that all the time. Other cons are that it's intensive work that takes at least four years and I would most certainly be in debt afterward. Plus it's not close by, and I don't think C wants to move or spend money.
Pros are that it's an expanding market, it's a continuously evolving field, it's interesting, and it would really help me feel that I was making a difference. I would also get to work with people on subjects that really, truly interest me: healing, nutrition, natural/organic crap, etc. I think I definitely should go see one just to see what kind of stuff naturopaths really do before I decide.

I wonder if juicing and getting colonics are lending me increased clarity or decreased sanity right now. What do you think?


  1. HA!

    Colonic Heaven IS the best ever :)

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8uZUDuSWxI

  3. Wishing for a colonic salon in Peoria IL !


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