Fashion cuties and uglies.

Look! My new boots!

OK, these are vintage from Ebay, so they're not really new. CUTE! I might need to put a nonslip sole on the bottom. I haven't decided whether to polish them or not.

And these are freecycled (read: didn't cost me a penny), so they're not exactly new, either.
But they're new to me! They're OK; at least they are not full of holes like my old pair. I need to clean them and figure out what to do about this gold buckle, because it is not working for me.

Look at the hideous things American Apparel has chosen to offer this spring:

A swimsuit with a hood? WTF?

Who are you, MC Hammer during Black History Month?

I know some '80s looks are coming back, but give me a break. And the cameltoe? PUH-LEASE.

OK, I admit this is hideous, but am I wrong in thinking that it's just the right kind of ugly to be cute? It also comes in black, which is way classier.

I'm working on a new project of my own making. Only C and my mom know about it. Once it's ready to go public, there will be a huge announcement.

I put my Facebook in pirate mode. Ask me how if you want to know.

Coming home from work, I saw a guy whose beard must have been at least this long:

It was all wrapped up in some wire tube thing he must have made for it, and it wrapped around his neck and over his other shoulder. What?
I also saw some dude with a rattail! I could have sworn those died when I was in, like, second grade.

It may be judgmental of me, but sometimes I want to ask people on the street what they were thinking when they made X fashion choice. I mean, usually it's obvious when people were running late that morning or plan to change their shoes later or something, but things like these are so calculated, so deliberated, so time-consuming (especially in the beard case) that they had to have consciously chosen this look.

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  1. Sarah S1.5.09

    I can't believe this stuff is seriously in a fashion line for 2009. Those things are crazy amounts of hideous.

    And I'm super curious about this project. I hope the big announcement comes soon!


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