Mundane musings.

I've been oil pulling first thing in the morning for fifteen minutes with sunflower oil since Monday. So far, it has already put an end to the pain and sensitivity I was feeling in one of my molars for the past few weeks. Yay! Maybe I'll never have to go to the dentist again.
The dentist nowadays really isn't that bad. It really wasn't that bad when I was little, either. But when my parents changed dental insurance, we started seeing a guy who was friends with my dad, part of our church, a parent at our grade school, and a National Guard member. Common sense tells me your gums SHOULD bleed when they are being stabbed by sharp metal implements, but apparently it was because you weren't flossing enough. Ever. So even though my current dentist is very gentle, I still have bad associations with going to the dentist.

I have to take classes for CPR and AED before I can sit for any PT exam. I think I'll sign up for the ones in May with the Red Cross. I plan to get certified now by ACSM and NASM (who, as an interesting aside, is now following me on Twitter). ACE seems kind of like a joke. I hope to be taking at least one of the exams before the end of this year. Then I will try to switch to a part-time position either with my current company or somewhere else doing copy editing. It's exciting but scary to put such a plan as this in motion.

I broke ground on a freelancing gig for a really cool online RPG. It's really fun so far, and it's challenging, too. I can't go into details now, but when it releases, I'll tell the world.

My new swimsuit top is on the way! I decided on that white one. It was back-ordered for a while. I did finally go for the black Brazilian bottom, and that came a while ago. It is very cute. I still need to work on firming up just a bit more before Hawaii. Luckily I have almost two months.

I realized I kind of have a schnozz. I don't feel bad about it; if nothing else, it connects me to my dad's side of the family and potentially serves as a trademark. It will only grow larger; it's time to learn to love it now.

C's school is almost over. I can't wait. I bet he can't wait, either. We shall breathe a collective sigh of relief... and then realize it was in error because he still has to do the CPA exam, and then there's work, and on and on.

I was sad Tuesday and angry today, but it rained both those days, so it could be part of that. The weather really affects my mood. I need it to be sunny all the time!

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  1. Anonymous10.4.09

    I like your nose. Fortunately/unfortunately it's not big enough to be considered a schnozz by IBSA standards.

    IBSA= International Big Schnozz Assoc.

    xo C


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