Slow weekend.

The fashion mullet, at least two years too late.

Tomorrow is my dermatologist appointment! I hope he is good.

This evening, I went to a potluck followed by a "guided discussion" on veganism. I wish we had had more time just to talk to each other instead. I never get to talk to M and V when they organize these things because they're so busy coordinating conversations with 20+ different people.

On Friday, we went to Udupi Palace, which is tasty and reasonably priced.
On Saturday, we walked around North Berkeley just to check out the neighborhood. Now we have expanded our future apartment decision to include this area. It's not studenty and hippie like downtown Berkeley. There are a lot of nice houses and houses divided into apartments. So this is a nice and seemingly even affordable option.

I had planned to go to the volunteer orientation at the SPCA today. I e-mailed and called multiple times this week to find out where it was because they have several locations. They didn't get back to me in time, really. So I decided not to volunteer with them since it is obvious they don't care as much about the animals or their volunteers as I would. So now I need to find somewhere else. There are other animal shelters around; I could also try to find something with the elderly since I think they are my second volunteering priority.

I still have a ridiculous amount of energy. I could have worked out forever at the gym today.

I have nothing else interesting to report. All the interesting stuff has already been blogged.

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