Weekend wrap-up

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Friday we watched The Incredible Hulk and went to Siam Bay.

Saturday was Tai Sai. It was fun! Lots of food, a kyu test, and afterward a fun frisbee romp with F and CH. Today was my kyu test (6th kyu). I screwed up on blending with the strikes and a few other details, but I passed by the grace of God and my sunny disposition. So now I'm a sixth kyu, but it doesn't feel any different.

This morning I had a migraine, so I had to stay home from work today. I spent most of the day in a dark bedroom.

I'm working on a vision binder to help feel my wants into my life (concepts in Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting). Right now I am trying to define my desires in life and find photos that correlate with or represent them. The idea is to feel good about your want in itself, not to be glad about getting away from something you have now. Otherwise, because you're focusing on the negative, you would manifest more of the same or even worse. Hey, it's worth a shot.
Here are some of the images I've chosen to represent things I want:

Jillian Michaels, The Biggest Loser's trainer, represents not only the kind of body I want to have but also my personal training aspirations.

Money because I want to have enough for us to be comfortable and do the things we like.

Vegetables in a heart shape because I like vegetables and I also want to be healthy!

Jessica Stam
because I want her skin.

Last but not least, here is something I want and already have: C + me = LOVE!

This weekend we are having dedicated C&me time. I've been doing social stuff and dojo stuff the past few weekends, so we might go to Santa Cruz or just hang out around here.

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