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WE FINISHED MOVING! We even got rid of the couch. I didn't know I was so strong! Now we're just trying to unpack the random odds and ends and get them put away. I've got a serious trigger finger for that dishwasher.

I canceled our AT&T home service because now it looks like we can pretty easily get Internet in other ways.

Peaches and blueberries have made their farmer's market debut this year! MMM.

I went to a potluck/brunch on Saturday. I made Cafe Gratitude's pecan porridge, and it was the bomb! I had to open three coconuts for it, though, so that got a little messy. I added more strawberries than it probably needed, so it was very pink yet very tasty.

The weekend was hot! We took advantage of our new swimming pool. YEAH! The water is extremely cold, but it was nice in such warm weather. We went to Fort Mason with C's cousin ST and sat by the beach for a while as well. I have tan lines, and I think my hair got a bit blonder. Booyah.

Haven't taken any pictures. I feel like I can't continue with my life as normal whenever I'm in any kind of upheaval, e.g., moving. Now that we're mostly done, I feel like I can get back to everything - gym, aikido, healthy eating, etc.

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