Weekend update.

No pictures this post. I haven't really felt like snapping photos, just packing and unpacking and lifting and opening doors and loading. We got our keys!!!

Hello, new home. You are clean and lovely. No more shall coffee stains stand out on the countertops! No more shall possessions overrun the living room floor unchecked! Beautiful. We committed to a couch on Craigslist (which is in really great shape), and we've spent much of the weekend moving stuff. Clothes, shoes, small furniture, etc. We broke a chair and the nightstand, but I think we can fix them enough so that they're usable.

C was packing my shoes, and he asked me to guess how many shoes I had. I said maybe 30, tops. Nope - I have 50 shoes. Possibly more. That means at least 25 pairs. I feel guilty.

I made it to the gym Friday morning. Go me! I slept super-well Thursday night. I used a new pair of earplugs. I've got to get some more. I think 3M makes them.
I got a sunburn at lunch.

I have an interview Tuesday! More on that another time.

Tomorrow I'm having a Mother's Day Brunch with M. It's at Millennium, which is supposed to be the fanciest vegetarian restaurant ever. I've never been. I will report back.

We're watching The Wrestler. So far I have issue with how much silence there is and how they spend most of the movie shooting behind the main character.

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