Been a long, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lone-ly time.

OK, I'm sorry. I have totally neglected this blog. I've had a lot going on:

1. Landed new job with Academy of Art University. Less cushy, more purposeful. Start 6/22. Anyone want to donate to my 90-Day Insurance Fund?
2. Went to Hawaii. Helicoptered, hiked, snorkeled, swam, luaued, sunbathed, and generally enjoyed the sights and sounds of the beautiful island of Kaua'i. Pondered whether all the consonants washed overboard during the ancient Polynesians' canoe trip. I tried to upload pictures last night, but Blogger wouldn't let me. I'll give you a link to the Walgreen's photo album instead once C uploads it.
3. Got fat. Diet and exercise program on the relaunch. Maybe I'll try to keep track of it on here to add some sense of accountability.
4. Entertained numerous guests. It's nice to be at the new apartment without anyone else here.
5. Got ugly haircut. This was just today, so it might be better once I style it myself. You know how they always do it weird at the salon.
6. Started Accutane. Shut up, I know how dangerous it is, but that's why it's a last resort. And it is mine.

I think that's it. More regular updates (and possibly photos... you know, if you want) to come sometime soon.


  1. How do I say "requesting bikini photos" without upsetting anyone's significant other? Like this, I suppose.

  2. Persephone12.6.09

    I also would like some bikini photos. Does that make me a lesbian? Or is it the fact that I made out with a lady last night?

  3. See Facebook, folks! All the photos fit to print ended up there.


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