I hate it.

I totally feel for this kid.

I'm getting it fixed tomorrow. I will call every salon in the Bay Area if I have to in order to get an appointment tomorrow. I fixed what I could with my dull pair of haircutting scissors, so now at least it doesn't look like a droopy mullet fail. Now it just looks like a droopy bob fail. I don't understand how a request for an angled bob (slightly shorter in the back than in the front) turns into a mop that is two inches longer in the back than in the front. Maybe the hairdresser I was seeing was only good with long hair.

I am mad, if you can't tell. Especially since I paid a lot for that guy.
Once it gets into a style I actually want, I'm sure I can upkeep it. It's just molding it into that style that presents a problem for me to do. And right now, it just looks a bit too thick, a bit too flippy, and a bit too frizzy, too (but that could have just been the way I blow-dried it).

But moving on. Tonight I am home alone as C attends an A's vs. Giants game in the city. I watched CSI: Miami and played with Sadie. My appetite is practically nonexistent today.

The good news is I only have one week (five days) left at my job! Then it's on to my new one. I am looking forward to it (but only if I have a haircut that will make a good impression). Complain complain complain.

Complain to me if you want. Really. I deserve it. And I'll listen to you, I promise.


Oh, if you want to see our Hawaii photos, the best I can do for you is give you these links:

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  1. you should show us what the haircut looks like so we can judge it for ourselves. i'm sure it's not as horrible as you think it is.


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