I miss you.

I had my first day at my new job today. I am so happy!
The pros:
- I only have to work four days a week.
- I watch videos with different educational content all day.
- Then to make sure I comprehend said videos, I transcribe, edit, code, and listen to them again.
- I take a mandatory hour-long lunch every day.
- My commute to work is ridiculously scenic.
- The chair is much more comfortable than the chairs at my old job.

The cons:
- I don't know anyone there yet.
- The headphones combined with my glasses gave me a headache. I'm going to bring different headphones tomorrow that should fix the problem.

That's it! I think I will really like it there.

I went to a bunch of social functions this weekend. I think I overdosed on socializing. Some pictures:

I was planning on going back to aikido today. I nixed that idea for several reasons. One is that I have to pay out-of-pocket for my insurance the next three months and am trying to cut down my expenses. Another is that I've sworn off my bike after today; I spent twenty minutes wrestling it onto the bike rack this evening. A third is that someone virtually said something to me that made me feel really bad about myself and my social skills, so I am embarrassed to face this person (I have a thin skin; so sue me). A fourth is that it's still far away from my new apartment and even further from my new job. :(

Did I mention that C originally found me the online posting for this new job? THANK YOU!

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