Millions of peaches.

I went to Colorado Springs to see AW! We had a lovely time. We even made a video! She makes a lot of yummy food and has a beautiful home. She was so hospitable. We saw Balanced Rock at the Garden of the Gods.

We got free ionic detox foot baths (pictures not included per C's request). We stayed up past our bedtimes and amazed each other with our awesomeness. We went swimming. We also lurked and skulked.

I switched to Mondays off at work instead of Fridays. Other than that, it's more or less the same. I still like it.

C went camping at Lake Tahoe with his friend MB. They reportedly had a blast but also got lost on a hike. C swam out to an island in a cold lake. Bears tried to eat them, he says, but I suspect this is an exaggeration.

Last night, we saw Street Sweeper Social Club. It was hands-down one of the best shows I've ever been to. We even parked kind of close. Some pictures I took with my phone:

ED has returned from LA! But only for a little while. She's staying with me while going to some work things. She's really successful. I'm glad she is happy in LA.

CM and I went to a yoga class this morning in Berkeley at Yoga to the People. Despite my previous bad experience with yoga, this class was actually good. I would like to go again. Next time, I'll bring clothes to change into and my own mat because the one I rented got purple mat bits all over me.

I've found myself missing my pink hair lately. Four out of five people agree. So I'm going to put a small streak in it. If you're among the one in five, deal with it; it's my hair, and the older I get, the less acceptable it will be.

I'm at a weird place in my life. I feel unsure about almost everything. I kind of just want to have fun all the time and not worry about the future. I feel impulsive and energetic. I feel like I'm riding the Scrambler.