RIP Cupcake

Dear Cupcake,
I am sorry to hear of your demise. Our only consolation is that you lived your brief yet joyous life alongside my wonderful friend CM. You were one of the cutest, most lovable kittens that ever walked this earth. This post is in memory of you.


Hello, this is my pink hair:

I know what you're thinking: "How unflattering." Yes, I lacked the ability to look decent today. It comes and goes. In real life, I like it. At first it was too light, but then I gave it another process, and it looks much better. The saturation in these photos does not do the real thing justice.

Tonight I went to M and V's taco party. It was yummy and fun, but I am stuffed.

Not much else going on. ED is still here but has been busy with work stuff. I'm always looking for the next big thing to happen in my life.

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  1. what! i think you look gorgeous! girls with no makeup = win. i do have to say i'm completely ambivalent about the hair color though.


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