Quick - Internets!

Quick updates while I have Internet:
1. Job is still awesome. I'm working on an interesting watercolor class right now. The only problem is I can hear the teacher swallow on the video all the time, which is kind of gross.
2. Friends are still awesome. We've been going to museums, hanging out, eating and drinking, and just generally having a good time.
3. We switched Sadie to wet cat food, and she's like a whole new kitten. No more does she pee blood in the bathtub, and she actually wants to be around us most of the day instead of hiding in the closet.
4. Bank of America really owned me with five overdraft fees. They were not moved by my heartbreaking story of not being able to cancel automatic charges in time when my money ran out or by my track record of never overdrawing before.
5. C passed the first part of the CPA exam! Only three parts to go.
6. I had a bangin' party last night. It was so nice to have so many friends in one place (I think at least 30 people showed up), and my home didn't even get that messed up.
7. I have to get a colonoscopy. It's scheduled for the end of October.


  1. I'm not sure if I even know what a colonoscopy is, but it sounds painful.


  2. you need to write more often.


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