I won't be seeing you, 2009.

Hello. I haven't posted in months. Sorry about all that. I got busy, my life turned upside-down, and I lost motivation. Yet I have been thinking about you, anyone who likes to read regular updates on what I'm up to. So it's back to it.
The last day of 2009 seemed a good day to write a goodbye letter to this year.


Dear 2009,
As perfect as we were, we both knew all along that it couldn't last. Our relationship started out so beautiful, virginal, and pure that I couldn't fathom anything soiling its immaculate surface. You lured me in and made me fall in love with you. We were lovely together.

When you rewarded me with a new job in June, I was ecstatic and trusted you would bring more goodness my way. I wasn't disappointed. You gave me a promotion, a move, an exciting new chapter in my personal life, a fabulous vacation, trips to see friends and family, a new president, loads of new music, somewhat promising social progress, and a sunrise every day. I am so grateful.

But you also proved difficult. You pelted me with obstacles and setbacks, and I could do nothing but accept. You brought a few sad endings for me. You made me see myself and my flaws in a harsh, unforgiving light. You allowed the world to be turned by fear (still). But I'm not angry with you; it is all necessary for growth, and ultimately I am thankful for these, too.

Two thousand nine, it is time for us to move on, you to the annals of history, I to the year 2010. I guess this is goodbye.

Yours truly,