Fixation Friday 1/22/10

Five objects of my obsession this week:

1. Hot chocolate with cayenne pepper.

The rain and cold has made hot drink an imperative. I'm loving homemade hot chocolate with a dash of cayenne on top.

2. Old-person candy. I remembered how much I loved certain old-person candies when I was posing a hypothetical last night. The conversation went something like this:

P: What did people do before they had floss?
S: Get gingivitis.
P: Surely they had some sort of sharpened-stick method to get stuff unstuck. I bet there were way more mouth injuries.
S: That's why they then came up with wooden teeth, obvi.
P: Wood. What a terrible material to make teeth out of.
S: Yeah, having wooden teeth would be almost as bad as having teeth made out of candy.

Point one: BEST IDEA EVER. Who wouldn't want Jolly Ranchers instead of dentures, Mounds instead of crowns, Three Musketeers instead of veneers?
Point two: If my teeth were made out of candy, a) they would only last for maybe half an hour, and b) I would want them to be made out of Werther's Originals, cinnamon disks, or some other old-person candy. P votes mints.

If you could have candy teeth, what would they be made of?

3. New York City.

AW and I are planning a trip there for June. What with Broadway, shopping, monuments, buildings, Central Park, MoMA, and Pure Food & Wine, we shan't be bored. I'm so, so excited!

Are you in NYC? Want to hang out when I get there? Holla.

4. Swimming. I started exercising again. Right now it's only rather sparingly due to my work's pool not being open until February. So until then, I'm doing it maybe once or twice a week at the North Beach Pool, which is crowded and $5 a swim. It's so nice to be back in the water! When I try to do some other form of cardio exercise, it reminds me why swimming was the only sport I stuck with for any length of time; I don't feel my sweat, and I get my heart pounding without developing a side stitch. Plus there's little possibility of spraining an ankle or crushing my knee or falling down.

5. The Barefoot Burglar

Name: Colton Harris-Moore.
Occupation: Thief, burglar, outlaw on the run
Weakness: Ordering pizzas to be delivered to the edge of the woods outside Seattle
Distinguishing characteristics: Being cute and endearing as all-get-out

Shoeless Colt's Facebook fan club calls him "Western Washington's new Jesse James (without the murders)" and "without a doubt one of the greatest and most notable outlaws to come from an otherwise boring area." He is a tall cat burglar who leaves notes and adorable photographs of himself at the site of his crimes. Dude has stolen planes and knew how to fly them from playing video games. He's quickly becoming a legend. Fascinating!

That's it for me! What's making your sun shine this week?


  1. I would like teeth made of gummy bears, they would last a while, don't you think? Or maybe hot tamales, where you get the longevity of something chewy and breath-freshening cinnamon to boot! Of course, I couldn't eat anything but soft food…

  2. MOM-
    Yeah, those might last, but you'd really have to be careful that you didn't lose one!


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