Fixation Friday 1/8/10

Five objects of my obsession this week:

2. Men's shoes! Like porn for me, I swear.

3. My new Moleskine:

I thought getting an iPhone would eliminate my need for written reminders and schedules, but I was incorrect. I like seeing my week and my lists at a glance in tangible form.

4. My favorite children's book EVAR. I saw it lying on the table at a cafe and remembered how much I had loved it years ago. My favorite lines: "If you run away, I will run after you, for you are my little bunny" and "'Have a carrot,' said his mother."

5. I've been obsessing over Mika (hello, hot Freddie Mercury-George Michael love child) and this song for about a month:

So find yourself a big LAAAADAAYYY, and have a nice weekend.

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