Fixation Friday 2/26/10

Five things I'm obsessed with this week:

1. SANDWICHES. Hot pot of coffee, I am mooning over sandwiches. I'm going on a sandwich hunt this weekend, in fact, probably to Ike's in SF. And then I'm going to be making sandwiches all week, drawing from this blog as my inspiration.

2. Affirmative responses to what people say. My favorites at the moment include the following: "FACT," "true Hollywood story," and "no kidding."

3. Polyvore. I resisted joining (for no good reason). But check it out! It's a bit addicting. Polyvore is basically online collaging with fashion, music, design, etc. Here's a couple of sets inspired by the show I went to last Thursday (see #4):



4. Alkaline Trio and Cursive. I saw them at the Regency Ballroom last Thursday, and my exhaustion the following day kept me from posting FF last week. They were absolutely awesome. Their opening band, The Dear and Departed, was all right as well. After those guys, Cursive came on, and watching the lead singer perform really gets you into the music and the emotion behind it. It is intense! And he's a cutie for certain. Then Alkaline Trio came on, and I totally fangirled. It was almost embarrassing. But I had a great time!

I would totally have pictures if my phone hadn't fallen from my pocket into the toilet there, rendering it useless. Which leads me to...

5. My phone. I was able to get it working again and didn't have to drop a cool three to five bennies on a new one or revert to a phone that doesn't tell me where to go when I get lost. Once you've been to the future, you just can't go back.

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