Fixation Friday 2/5/10

Sorry, I skipped last week. Work was crazy. And I was having the Worst Week Ever, so I didn't feel like doing anything but sleeping and crying into a pint of Trumer. But back to liking things...

Five objects of my obsession this week:

1. This Play-Doh ad campaign ran in Singapore last fall:

For mommy's little psychopath. I think it's clever and hilarious. I'm really getting interested in advertising recently and considering taking an ad class through my work.

2. Budgeting. I'm always overly ambitious when it comes to budgets, and then when I screw up, I totally abandon the whole thing that month. But I think I finally made a workable one. It involves using mostly cash and slowly chipping away at my massive credit card debt.

3. Swimming and my apartment and new hair. I'll try to shut up about them.

4. Sushi and sake. I've been eating a lot of it already lately, and I had M and V over for a sushi dinner last night. Despite planning and prepping ahead, I was still running behind, so I didn't get to make as many rolls as I had planned. I had maki of yam-mushroom, spicy tempeh-avocado-scallion, sesame-spinach-tofu, and cucumber as well as miso soup, sake, and chocolate-wasabi cupcakes. I forgot to take pictures, but it was delish. Also, it was so nice to see them. They've decided to move but not as far away as originally planned, which means we can still visit. Hooray!

5. My dream house. It looks like this:

A two-story, two-bedroom, two-bathroom brick house in San Francisco with white trim, big windows, and a porch.

A kitchen with loads of counter space, a dishwasher, an island, two ovens, and stainless-steel appliances.


A hot tub on a rooftop deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean (hey, I'm dreaming here).


A fenced-in yard for dogz.


What does your dream house look like? 
What's blowing your mind this week? 

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