Style Stimulation: Miss Connie

Connie Mitchell of Sneaky Sound System (formerly of Primary)! Miss Connie is an Australian pop star with a rich, smooth voice, and she has worked with Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, and Machine Gun Fellatio.

Totally hot, amirite?

How I would style her look:
1. Work your natural hair texture. OMG I love it, wild and natural and bouncy and fun. That's exactly how I would let my hair grow if I had that kind of texture.

2. Work them legs! Girrrrrl, legs are nice; show them off as much as you're comfortable with!

3. Wear white. It's really a classy color, unless it's got stains.

4. Don't be afraid of patterns and contrasting colors!

5. Try out a fresh shape, like a circle skirt, a dress with pockets, or a bolero.


N.B. This was my first Polyvore experiment, and I've fallen in love.

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