'Tron Tuesday 2/16/10

Five things to see on the Intertron:

1. Will those fools over at Cheezburger Network ever quit pumping out the hilarity and cuteness and cularity?

2. Word nerds unite! Peep this article of really obscure words. I, for one, am going to start referring to all my vacations as villeggiaturas.

3. Thank you, The Bloggess, for being the most relevant cultural figure of our time.


4. Emails from an A-hole. I stumbled across this a long time ago but forgot about it. Some guy responds to online classifieds. It all seems normal... until he brings in the ridiculousness. And then it is hilarious.

5. Dogs howling along to the Law & Order theme song:

This was the best I could find. I feel like the Intertron kind of let me down this week. Can you redeem it?

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