'Tron Tuesday 2/2/10

Five things I think you should see on the ol' Intertron:

1. Hate V-Day? Send an anti-valentine.

2. Why are you so terribly disappointing? SFGate wants to know.

3. I'll be interested to see what this Super Bowl ad is like and how many raging Tim Tebowners (tm) result in the immediate aftermath. Choosing against doctors' recommendations not to abort a pregnancy and then having a multiple Heisman-winning son seems to me (and this writer) less a matter of courage and more one of luck.

4. Thinking about a second job? Or a first one if you lost yours recently? Here's a handy list of suggestions.

5. Gala Darling's Radical Self-Love challenge! Click below. I'm gonna do it.

Holla if you've seen anything good on the tubes recently.

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