'Tron Tuesday 2/23/10

Presenting your weekly dose of five things to see around the Intertron! It builds bones better than milk, fights cancer better than broccoli, and makes you laugh and/or scratch your head better than... um, other stuff that is funny or confusing.

1. Chatroulette! Not for the faint of heart, and NSFW. You need a webcam to participate. You go onto the site, and it randomly finds someone else logged on, and you can chat and see each other. Or you can hit the Next button for someone else if the person on the other end is being a jerk (or just jerking). I talked to people in France, Germany, and Boston. I was told I looked "pretty cute" by some people and like a "gurke" (which I learned is German for "cucumber") by another and nexted a whole bunch of times. But it was fun and interesting for sure! I recommend it if you ever have more than half an hour to kill.

2. Straight-up irreverence, my favorite thing! I'd like to see something like this on my tombstone, except maybe with "ride unicorns" replacing "play bingo."

3. Interesting take on Mormonism... from the inside.

4. Like to creep people out? Shorten your URLs with this site.

5. Huge list of things you should have seen on the Internet. I haven't seen most of them. I'm going to work my way through the list little by little. With lists like these, you won't even need to read my posts.

Seen anything good on your confangled machine boxes lately?

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