'Tron Tuesday 2/9/10 (late)

I totally spaced on doing this yesterday. I was so, so tired. My sleep has been really awful since the weekend due to overheating. Last night, though, I kept the windows open all day and slept with a fan on me and minimal blankets, and it sort of worked. So now I am back in action with five things on the Intertron worth noting. Enjoy!

1. HIPSTER PUPPIES! Cutest and most hilarious thing I've seen this week.

2. Go here to have your last will and testament (or really just a short sentence) honored and memorialized forever -- the Internet way!

3. I stumbled across this the other day. It's a very well-done blog made by a lovely lady who was a couple of years behind me at college. It's full of interesting odds and ends, anecdotes, and more.

4. My Very Worst Date will make you feel better if you have a crap Valentine's Day.

5. "Running of the Brides." This makes me ill.

I once worked in a bridal shop for a year or two in college, and unfortunately this kind of behavior is the norm. It is one day of your life. It is by no means the most important or significant day of your life (compare it to, oh, I don't know, the day you were born, your kids' birthdays, the day you graduated high school, the day you stood up to that bully and realized you would never again allow yourself to be treated like a doormat), and the union that you're celebrating (assuming that you're not just celebrating yourself) statistically has bad odds anyway. If your spouse, friends, and family are worth a darn, they'll agree that your wedding was gorgeous no matter how much money the dress, the ring, the cake, the flowers, and the space rental cost. Plus if you behave like a self-centered train wreck in the time prior to your wedding, you risk alienating them all. Why not just relax and enjoy yourself rather than spending so much time planning the most minute details for a year or more in advance?
I can understand being a little nervous as the date draws near and wanting everything to be just so, but one needs to accept that life is never just so. Am I in the minority here?

Off my soapbox now. What have you discovered online this week?

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