'Tron Tuesday 3/30/10

Whee! This is a very video-laden edition of 'Tron Tuesday, wherein I round up five things I think you should see on the Intertron. I'm on it like Prince was on Apollonia. So here we go:

1. Some people have the problem of potential romantic partners asking for their numbers but never calling. Others have the problem of feeling like a mean person if they don't give out their numbers to everyone who asks. For the latter, there is this.


PROTIP: Cats face off against things that are not cats in a cat-off.

3. That Geico, they've got their advertising ducks in a row. This company consistently has killer commercials, the latest of which is this one featuring a hard-rockin', Axl Rose-impersonatin' Warren Buffett:

4. AU and his friend OH took video of their adventures in SF. Fast-forward to about 6:35 to get a better understanding of "the real San Francisco":

5. A little bit of news (tragic, gross, and hilarious) from my home state.

Did you see anything good on your computer over the weekend?


Fixation Friday 3/26/10

Another week has come and gone. Here is what I'm grateful for this time around.

1. Ted Leo.

I want to feed you vegan cupcakes.

AU and I saw him and his Pharmacists at Great American Music Hall on Tuesday. It. Was. Awesome. Dude's almost 40 and is still rocking HARD. He is also vegan. <3

2. Chuck Taylors. My plaid ones are breaking down. I'm thinking purple or yellow.

Your thoughts?

3. Dexter. AU said we should watch it, and I consented. It's no secret that I love crime television -- Court TV, all incarnations of Law & Order and CSI, heck, even Cold Case -- but not because they're well-written or have great actors. Dexter, however, is the most clever crime show I've seen in some time. It's smart, well-written, and stars this hot hunk of man meat, Michael C. Hall:

I accept you for who you are, creep.

4. Billy the Kid. I went to trivia night at Blur on Wednesday, like I always do. One of the questions asked about Billy the Kid's real name (Henry McCarty, if you care). After we turned in our answers (we got that question wrong), I looked him up on my phone. Look at this guy!

Bad-ass? You bet.

A misunderstood ranch hand/outlaw, he died at just 21. Billy the Kid has an interesting story that sheds a lot of light on Old West dynamics. I kind of wish cowboys still existed; Western shootouts seem so much better than gang/police shootouts.

5. Finding out that you appear not to have changed since high school.

What are you appreciatin' on this week?


Update 3/25/10

So I have another house guest in town. I haven't seen AU in, like, five years! So I am tired and busy and not posting much... in the event you were expecting a lot of posts. Next weekend, I jet off to L.A. to visit ED, and two weeks later, I shall be in Austin to see AC! Then I think I'm done traveling for a bit.

In the meantime, peep this adorableness. And this one:


'Tron Tuesday 3/23/10

'Tron Tuesday: Health Care Edition! Note: My personal politics, if not already known to you, will be made perfectly clear by these five Internet viewing pleasures:

1. First and foremost, see how the health care bill could affect you. The redux: Very little changes until 2014, when the government will require that you have some kind of health insurance (why would you not want health insurance?) or pay a penalty.

2. Sorry, Republicans. This is hilarious.

3. Toxic, polarizing, hate-spewing media presence and all-around annoyance Rush Limbaugh threatened to leave the country if health care reform passed (Costa Rica, specifically, which also has a public health care system, but whatever). Help buy his ticket out of here.

4. Speaking of hate-spewing by media outlets (mostly) that stand to profit from polarization, conservative David Frum has this to say about the GOP's latest Waterloo.

5. "This Guy's All Like, 'Whoops, Obama Is Talking'" from Best Week Ever:

So... that's fun! Have you seen anything on the 'Tron that I should read?


Fixation Friday 3/19/10

The answers to the question you've been asking all week: What is capturing my attention? Well, I'll tell you.

1. GLORIOUS weather. It's sunny and 70 here in San Francisco, and I could not be more pleased. I'm talkin' short sleeves, open-toed shoes (sweaty feet optional), and slight raccoon eyes if people-watching at Pier 39 on lunch. It's supposed to cool down again next week, but I'm trying not to think about it. Weather is one of the single biggest influences on my daily mood.

2. My friend AW started blogging! I mention her here to encourage it. She is an interesting, talented writer and will soon be published; of this I am certain.

3. Mumford & Sons.

Very much enjoying this folksy UK band putting out melodic, vocally driven music. Also, hello, banjo!

4. Consider This...: Questions That Make You Think is a book given to me by C&MF as a birthday gift. I've cracked it open with a few different people. Some of the questions are worded in a really stupid, broad, or obvious way, but with a little tweaking, they can feed conversations for quite some time. I even called myself out on my fear of confrontation that was hiding behind a professed belief in relativity... Wow. Somebody needs to go back to therapy.

5. Pigs!

They're cute, they're pink, and they ain't fussy.

Guys, do you think my apartment would allow a pig? It allows cats. Pigs are super-smart, similar to humans in some physical qualities, and it's not at all uncommon for people to keep them as pets. Better use for them than in bacon, amirite?

Happy Friday! What's catching your eye this week?


Random Memory I

Nanny and I sat across from each other at the dining room table in my parents' home. She enjoyed Braunschweiger on Ritz crackers and a cup of sugar-laden milk with a splash of coffee. I was probably eating candy, cookies, or pie, just before dinner, like she taught me to do. She slapped her left hand on the table. I grinned, recognizing the signal, and slapped my right hand down on top of hers. Not missing a beat, she slapped her other hand on top of mine in a hand sandwich. I completed the stack with my left hand. Here's where it got good. She slid her warm, chubby left hand with skin as wrinkled and thin as a fallen maple leaf out from the bottom of the hand tower and put it on the top. I did the same with my right hand. The pattern continued, building momentum, until it became so fast that we were really only waving our hands in a mock catfight, our fingertips occasionally brushing each other's. We laughed.

Nanny (Gladys Behlmer McConnell, my mother's mother's mother) came to live with us when I was very young. She was sensitive to "shpishay" foods, like jalapenos. Sometimes she took a "sharr" for an "arr" to "warsh" her "harr." She taught me to say, "I'm too full for supper... but not too full for dessert!" She would fill a teaspoon with her creamy, sugary coffee and let me drink from it. She probably made my parents' lives a nightmare sometimes. Whenever someone in my family has a brownie and two cupcakes for dinner, parades around only in socks, shoes, and underpants, pretends to have a life-threatening disease until Baskin Robbins ice cream is available, or behaves like a weirdo in general, that's the Behlmer in us.

My first experience with a hospital was when Nanny went to one and we visited. My first experience with death was when she died. I think I was five. I wasn't allowed at the funeral. As I laid on the pull-out in the living room and kicked at the sheets, my parents told me she was in heaven, drinking her favorite drink (I don't remember what it was, but I am sure as shootin' that it was sweet). I cried all that night, and I remember them crying, too.


'Tron Tuesday 3/16/10

You know how it goes. Here are some things on the Internet you might not have seen already:

1. Need a dose of positivity, optimism, or other warm fuzzy? Check out The Happiness Project. However, if you find actual instructions on starting your own Happiness Project, let me know -- I clicked around (even on a link that said "Start your own Happiness Project!") to no real avail.

2. Hahahahaha. I wish I had seen this earlier! But there's never a bad time for bad art, right?

3. Haikus written over movie stills. Thanks, ND!

4. If you haven't spent hours reading the Best of Craigslist, you're missing out. We've got unsolicited love advice, trade propositions, convincing product ads, and a host of hilarious/touching Missed Connections (which are my favorite).

5. This video from Funny or Die made my day. Is it ever too late to develop improv skills?

That's it for this Internet roundup. Have you seen anything interesting in your tubes yet this week?


Fixation Friday 3/12/10

Hi! I am so tired! Here are some things I like this week!

1. Having guests. It wears me out, but it was nice to see PS and EI, who came to our little town all the way from Indiana.

2. Clone High. PS turned me onto this show that ran for only one season on MTV in 2002-2003. Major bummer that it was canceled. Check out the awesome part 2 of episode 9, "Raisin the Stakes: A Rock Opera in Three Acts."

3. Papalote. Best. Burritos. Ever. Actually, not quite (I still think Los Cantaros in Oakland still holds that title), but they do make the best burritos I've had in the Mission. They have tofu and soyrizo and grilled vegetables, which are rare in the taquerias around here. They also won in a Throwdown! with Bobby Flay, so that's something.

4. Advertisements, again. The more I look at clever ad campaigns, the more I want to be part of them. Am I headed toward a career in advertising? I just don't know if I'm clever enough.

5. Jay Baruchel. Hello, French-Canadian cutie!

He caught my eye in a preview for She's Out of My League, which, admittedly, looks horrible, and I think he could do better than the chick who plays his love interest in that movie, but whatever, I'm not in Hollywood, and nobody asked me.

I'm going to crash hard this weekend. What's on your brain?


'Tron Tuesday 3/9/10

Hello! I've recovered from my Birthday Weekend Maximum Extravaganza Words. But here! Look at these things on the Intertron!

1. My friend and colleague AM has submitted his first Threadless design:

It's a... kitten?  - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

It is adorable. Please vote for it so I can get it on a T-shirt. Bonus: He once drew a picture of a were-tummy. Maybe someday we can get that on a shirt as well, hm?

2. This is the greatest Craigslist room rental ad ever. I wish I were in the market for a room in Houston. It even has "a brand new gym so you can get swoll."

3. How long have those of us interested in men been trying to figure them out? If only there were a simple, no-nonsense, always accurate system! Enter Your Muppet Man Guide from Apocalypstick.

4. I'm not a huge fan of Michael Moore, but this open letter to the President is kind of hilarious (and sad, and true, etc.).

5. This is the stuff nightmares are made of:

Enjoy the rest of your week! What's making you smile (or shudder) on the 'Tron today?


Fixation Friday 3/5/10


Five things I love this week:

1. My birthday. If you know me, you know that I make a big deal out of my birthday. It's basically my favorite holiday of the year, and I like to make the most of it since it only comes once a year. So I stretch the celebration/privilege over a week or so.

2. Midlake.

Saw them last night at Great American Music Hall. They are super-intense! They are also way scruffier than they look in this picture. I can't imagine being in that band; each member has to do at least two things at once, guitar + vocals, flute + keys, bass + rockin' the eff out. Everyone is so, so talented. And they have loads of guitars and wind instruments. They put on a really good show.

3. Obscure medieval diseases. They popped up all over the place in the European Dark Ages. The English sweat, the plague (natch), red death (yes, I know it wasn't real), etc. Especially of interest to me is dancing mania. The Dancing Plague of 1518 was started by one lady, and nearly 400 died from it. The weirdest part? They can't tell you what caused it.

Can you imagine if something like that happened today? I love to dance (and foam at the mouth, obvi). I'll start dancing, and everyone around me just won't be able to help but join in. It will be the dance sensation that sweeps the nation. I doubt they'd take the approach favored in the Middle Ages, though, which was to play music to "soothe" our agitated two-step. After law enforcement and medical personnel fail to quash the Dance Dance Rebellion, they'll probably call in the army to shoot at us with tanks. We'll go down in a dancing blaze of glory, but our point will have been made. WHO'S WITH ME?

4. Sandwiches, still.


I did manage to get some sandwich relief, but I've still got a fever, and the only prescription is more sandwiches.

5. Beersicles. I just heard of this idea, and it's brilliant! How had I never thought of this? It's a bit chilly here in SF to make a go at this, but spring is coming. You'd better believe I'll be poppin' beersicles up on my roof once the temperature breaks 70.

What's blipping across your radar this week?


23 Years: A Retrospective

Today is my last day of being 23. It's time to think back on the past year and consider what I've done:

- I got a new job. That was my main goal for the year. So I already consider it a success.

- I had my first larger-scale parties. I used to hate having parties. I'd be mad stressin' over whether everyone else was having fun and get a little upset if the party did not go exactly the way I had envisioned. But I've relaxed quite a bit. Now I know the perfect party formula: booze, food, and good company.
- I moved into San Francisco. This is something I've wanted to do for some time but couldn't or didn't. I'm so happy I did. I love it here. Oakland is great, but there's something about being here in SF all the time that is just so beneficial to my state of mind.

- I changed my romantic situation drastically. I won't go into details, but it's worth noting here.

- I made some friends! I spent almost all of my 22nd year nearly friendless because of having nothing in common with my former coworkers and not knowing anyone here. Hi, friends! Thanks for being my friends. I love you!

- I stopped being so shy, standoffish, antisocial, and all-around grumpy. I feel like I've really come into some social skills this year. Now I can (pretty) easily chat with strangers without dorking up the space. I still have the awkward moments you know and love, just not all the time.

- I got into major credit card debt. Moving incurred a lot of expenses as did my carelessness indulging my newfound social life.

- I let go of a lot of anger and frustration about my past. I still have quite a bit, but that's what the ensuing years are for!

- I took care of a lot of medical necessities that I had been putting off for so long because I didn't have real insurance.

My goals for year 24:

- Keep my social life dynamic. I love hanging out with people, having friends, doing things together.

- Pay off my credit card debt.

- Amass a little bit of savings.

- Get closer to figuring out what I want to do with my life. I'm pretty sure this current situation isn't my end goal. Possible options: open a vegan brunch cafe, write a donut cookbook, wait tables (yeah, okay, I like food), go into advertising, be a personal trainer, write a book about one or another of the topics that float through my head on a daily basis, win the lottery...

That's it! PARTY ON.


'Tron Tuesday 3/2/10

Sorry it's so late in the day. I had an insane headache yesterday and today, the likes of which I hadn't experienced since my migraine days. But now I am back to give to you five things I think you should see on the Intertron:

1. It's no secret I love CSI: Miami. Check out these 18 Awesome David Caruso Memes. My favorite? "Hmm... It looks like... he's toast."

2. This blog is hilarious. "Hi, I'm Vincent "Vinny" Van Gogh...artist, mad man, dead guy. I live with James T Kirk and Jesus in the City of Industry--where we pretty much just watch TV all day. This is my blog about it."

3. Man, SNL has been super-funny lately. Peep this:

and this:

4. Angie live-tweeted her abortion to "demystify" it. What do you think?

5. Check these videos showing the tsunami in Hawaii.  

 What have you found lately on the Webz?