Fixation Friday 3/12/10

Hi! I am so tired! Here are some things I like this week!

1. Having guests. It wears me out, but it was nice to see PS and EI, who came to our little town all the way from Indiana.

2. Clone High. PS turned me onto this show that ran for only one season on MTV in 2002-2003. Major bummer that it was canceled. Check out the awesome part 2 of episode 9, "Raisin the Stakes: A Rock Opera in Three Acts."

3. Papalote. Best. Burritos. Ever. Actually, not quite (I still think Los Cantaros in Oakland still holds that title), but they do make the best burritos I've had in the Mission. They have tofu and soyrizo and grilled vegetables, which are rare in the taquerias around here. They also won in a Throwdown! with Bobby Flay, so that's something.

4. Advertisements, again. The more I look at clever ad campaigns, the more I want to be part of them. Am I headed toward a career in advertising? I just don't know if I'm clever enough.

5. Jay Baruchel. Hello, French-Canadian cutie!

He caught my eye in a preview for She's Out of My League, which, admittedly, looks horrible, and I think he could do better than the chick who plays his love interest in that movie, but whatever, I'm not in Hollywood, and nobody asked me.

I'm going to crash hard this weekend. What's on your brain?


  1. I'm enjoying the fact that you are becoming interested in advertising... you used to think it was "selling out", didn't you? :)

    imho, I do think you're clever enough!

  2. I don't recall whether I thought it was selling out, although that does seem like a "young me" thing to think! Thanks for the vote of confidence.


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