Fixation Friday 3/26/10

Another week has come and gone. Here is what I'm grateful for this time around.

1. Ted Leo.

I want to feed you vegan cupcakes.

AU and I saw him and his Pharmacists at Great American Music Hall on Tuesday. It. Was. Awesome. Dude's almost 40 and is still rocking HARD. He is also vegan. <3

2. Chuck Taylors. My plaid ones are breaking down. I'm thinking purple or yellow.

Your thoughts?

3. Dexter. AU said we should watch it, and I consented. It's no secret that I love crime television -- Court TV, all incarnations of Law & Order and CSI, heck, even Cold Case -- but not because they're well-written or have great actors. Dexter, however, is the most clever crime show I've seen in some time. It's smart, well-written, and stars this hot hunk of man meat, Michael C. Hall:

I accept you for who you are, creep.

4. Billy the Kid. I went to trivia night at Blur on Wednesday, like I always do. One of the questions asked about Billy the Kid's real name (Henry McCarty, if you care). After we turned in our answers (we got that question wrong), I looked him up on my phone. Look at this guy!

Bad-ass? You bet.

A misunderstood ranch hand/outlaw, he died at just 21. Billy the Kid has an interesting story that sheds a lot of light on Old West dynamics. I kind of wish cowboys still existed; Western shootouts seem so much better than gang/police shootouts.

5. Finding out that you appear not to have changed since high school.

What are you appreciatin' on this week?


  1. I like the purple shoes better though I did have a pair of yellow hightops when I was a kid. And I loved those shoes.

  2. My mom's version of entertainment was to watch the entire Dexter series for Christmas. So wholesome. Did you know that Michael C. Hall is actually married to Debra, the woman who plays his sister on the show in real life? Imagine how spooky that must be. And that dude the Debra character hooks up with...damn he's fine! Even if he is a drug dealer. I probably wouldn't live with him though.


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