'Tron Tuesday 3/16/10

You know how it goes. Here are some things on the Internet you might not have seen already:

1. Need a dose of positivity, optimism, or other warm fuzzy? Check out The Happiness Project. However, if you find actual instructions on starting your own Happiness Project, let me know -- I clicked around (even on a link that said "Start your own Happiness Project!") to no real avail.

2. Hahahahaha. I wish I had seen this earlier! But there's never a bad time for bad art, right?

3. Haikus written over movie stills. Thanks, ND!

4. If you haven't spent hours reading the Best of Craigslist, you're missing out. We've got unsolicited love advice, trade propositions, convincing product ads, and a host of hilarious/touching Missed Connections (which are my favorite).

5. This video from Funny or Die made my day. Is it ever too late to develop improv skills?

That's it for this Internet roundup. Have you seen anything interesting in your tubes yet this week?

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