'Tron Tuesday 3/30/10

Whee! This is a very video-laden edition of 'Tron Tuesday, wherein I round up five things I think you should see on the Intertron. I'm on it like Prince was on Apollonia. So here we go:

1. Some people have the problem of potential romantic partners asking for their numbers but never calling. Others have the problem of feeling like a mean person if they don't give out their numbers to everyone who asks. For the latter, there is this.


PROTIP: Cats face off against things that are not cats in a cat-off.

3. That Geico, they've got their advertising ducks in a row. This company consistently has killer commercials, the latest of which is this one featuring a hard-rockin', Axl Rose-impersonatin' Warren Buffett:

4. AU and his friend OH took video of their adventures in SF. Fast-forward to about 6:35 to get a better understanding of "the real San Francisco":

5. A little bit of news (tragic, gross, and hilarious) from my home state.

Did you see anything good on your computer over the weekend?

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