Austin Recap

It's been a while since I went to Austin, but I promised a recap, so here you go:

I arrive. AC picks me up at the airport in a rental car. It's raining. We go to a restaurant called Trudy's for some Mexican food and margaritas. We have the world's gayest and most pleasant waiter. Then we go grab a bottle of wine, head to her hot tub, and drink the whole thing while relaxing and catching up.

We hit the mall (I know, I know), but it was pretty fun. We try on a bunch of stuff at Forever 21, and I spend way too much. It's still raining off and on. We go out that night to several bars of which I can't I recall the names. We meet a couple of AC's friends. I had an extensive conversation about opera with someone.


When we get home, AC's upstairs neighbor, Christine, a proud "saber tooth" (like a cougar is over 40, a saber tooth is over 50) treats me to a rose, all of her worldly wisdom, and tales of her batsh*t exploits.

We get up and go to a vegetarian restaurant, where I order barbecue tofu. I'm not feeling well, so it's difficult to enjoy, but I pack it away for later. Then we take off to the country for "Craw Gras," which purports to be a "crawfish olympics and boil." There are no crawdad games, no races, almost nothing for me to eat, but there is beer, horseshoes, cornhole, and loop-de-loop. I met quite a few lovely people (holla!).

I'm terrible at cornholing. AC, however, is the best cornholer I know and totally saved our team.

Later that night, we go to a show (Monahans and Low Lows). It was awesome and hilarious; a tambourine player wearing absurdly tight jeans rocked out so hard that he lost his glasses and ran off the stage before the show was over. Then we went to a diner, where I ate food. Then we crashed.

We went someplace for brunch. I can't remember what it was called, but they had good Bloody Marys. Then we kind of decompressed for a while, went to a coffee place, shopped at Buffalo Exchange and Toy Joy, and came back and hot tubbed again before going to bed a little early to wake up for getting me to the airport.

Art car? More like art star.

Twins separated at birth.

I love visiting with AC. We have such a good time, forming new inside jokes by the minute. We laugh and discuss things we can't talk about with many others. I miss her loads. And I do enjoy Austin very much, despite the crappy weather they've had both times I've been there. If things don't work out here in SF, I'm moving to Austin, and she'll be my sugar mama until I can find a job.



  1. Ohmygod ... "saber tooth." Thank you for introducing me to this awesome term. I will commence using it IMMEDIATELY.

  2. Happy to be of service. It'll be the new derogatory term for older women that's sweeping the nation.


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