Fixation Friday 4/2/10

It's late in the day for this post about things I'm into this week, but deal with it.

1. Los Angeles. I'm headed there after work today to visit ED for the weekend (with a few hours with RG, too, probably!). I have never been. Too bad the weather is going to be uncharacteristically chilly, I understand. But it might be cool to feel like I'm one of the beautiful Hollywood people for a weekend.

2. Instrumental music: minimalist, drone, quiet, borecore, whatever you care to call it. Those of you who knew me in my high school and college days may remember that I opposed almost all slow music on the grounds that I found it "boring" (unlike power chords, obvi). Favorites and latest discoveries include Saxon Shore, Pelican, Explosions in the Sky, This Will Destroy You, and Hammock (special thanks to CC for these last two).

3. Matt & Nat. Adorable (expensive!) vegan handbags, and y'all know I be trippin' over handbags lately! I'll take this, this, and this, please. *drool*

4. Natalie Dee Web comics! They are adorable. Case in point:

5. The phrase "hot bowl." It's open for interpretation. What do you think it means? I've gotten a lot of great possible use-it-in-a-sentence things, including:
GP: "Damn girl/boy, you got a hot bowl of ass in them jeans."
PS: "let me drop a hot bowl on your chest"
(Dear friends, I love you. Never grow up.)

So yeah. Tell me what you're groovin' on this week/weekend (which I hope will be awesome for you!).


  1. Oh my lord, I have a beautiful M&N purple shoulder bag that I drool over everyday. They're expensive, but SO worth it.

  2. I wish they had a purple one right now! They do have magenta and green, though, so that's something. :)


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