Fixation Friday 4/30/10

Another April has come and gone. Entirely unrelated to this fact is the following list of things I'm crushin' on this week:

1. Cake for breakfast. Did I bake a vegan chocolate cake with raspberry preserves between the layers? You bet your Princess Di Beanie Baby I did. And I've eaten it for breakfast practically every day this week. You would, too; look how cute it is:

2. Heart-shaped things.

I made this CD cover for a mix.

This can't be a novel idea, but I'd like to start a Flickr project taking photos of things that are shaped like hearts, whether the shape is intentional or not, because I see hearts everywhere (a discarded orange peel, the shape of a puddle on the sidewalk).

I know actual, beating hearts inside animals don't look like this; I commend whoever came up with this heart shape, though. Can we all agree that heart is maybe the cutest shape things can come in?

3. Bed Bath & Beyond. I am a danger to myself and others in this store. I could kill an entire week in there just marveling at all the kitchen gadgets I never knew I needed. I went in to buy a birthday present and nothing else. I left with not only the birthday present but also a mandolin slicer, a steamer basket, heart-shaped cookie cutters (I already had some at home), funnels, and a citrus juicer. In addition, I almost left with onion goggles, a bagel-slicing contraption, a new skillet, and a deep fryer.

4. Checking out new places in the city. I need to carry a list of the places I haven't been with me and revise it as I visit them and receive new suggestions. But this weekend for the first time I'll be going to the Make-Out Room and Cafe Du Nord. What should I add to my list?

5. This guy's tattoo:

Although I have to commend your guts, good sir, speaking as a lady, I do NOT love the mustache, ironic or otherwise. I'm running for Intertron domination on an anti-lone-mustache platform.

Who's with me?

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