'Tron Tuesday 4/13/10

It's Tuesday, time for that truncation of the Intertron we all (some) know and love (hate): The Quarter-Life Crisis Edition!

It's been apparent for some time to me and probably everyone else I know that I have no idea what I'm doing. I have no concrete life goals, just half-baked-pie-in-the-sky dreams toward which I have taken zero steps. I have no real desires outside the immediate future because I no longer know what I want my life to look like. I have laid no groundwork for the directionless plans I don't have. I am adrift, aimlessly floating in aging hipster uncivilization. This 'Tron Tuesday is an amalgamation of my current feelings and fears, an homage to an existential metacrisis that, in the scheme of the world, has little to no importance:

1. Are you facing a quarter-life crisis? I sure am. This article may help you understand.

2. A website for people like me? Yes, please! Stratejoy is the brainchild of life coach Molly Hoyne and is "chock-full of strategies for real joy to live an authentically happy life on your own terms." Couldn't have said it better myself, sister. The site is free but also offers events and workshops. Now I just need to commit to taking a direction and dig in.

3. TEFL is something I'm considering: basically, teaching English abroad. CM is doing it. It seems to me the most straightforward way to fund travel, and traveling is something I definitely want to do before it's too late -- either I'm saddled with kids and a mortgage or the world ends. Do you know people who have done this or something like it?

4. Christine Hassler is the Huffington Post's own quarter-life crisis coach. I just now discovered her, so I'll be wading through all that later this week.

5. Occurrences such as this really make me wonder what I am doing on this planet:

So! Have you been through a QLC (or, heck, even a MLC)? How did you deal/are you dealing with it? And please don't watch the above video if you're allergic to stupid.


  1. I had my QLC at 24. Which means I'll live to be 96? And I was so shooting for 100.

  2. That is where I am. Depressing to know you might not live as long as you'd like, although I am guessing that "quarter" is merely an approximation.

  3. I think - and most of my friends agree - I was born 40, so a quarter-life crisis is non-applicable. But I still don't know what I want, or where I'm headed. And my biggest accomplishment in my "adult" life is being a mother of two cats. I mean, they're totally awesome cats, so round of applause for me. And yet ...


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