'Tron Tuesday 4/27/10

Hello! Sorry for the lapse last week. My original intent was simply to get some work done and recover from Austin, but then I had that episode, which gave me a real reason not to blog. But if you've been missing my Intertron radar, it's back in full force:

1. Can you find yourself on here? I can't because there's no San Francisco section, but you might be able to see some amusing shots of yourself or your friends at last night's party. Or you could just use it to gawk at silliness you weren't a part of.

2. I love 1000 Awesome Things, but it's not as democratic as one might wish. Enter Most Awesomest Thing Ever, a site where two random things battle and you decide the outcome! When you're sick of playing arbiter of the awesomeness contest, you can view the top contenders; currently, "Internet" is rated as more awesome than "life."
*PROTIP: The sound effects are annoying, so there's an option in the upper right-hand corner to turn it off.

3. What the eff is wrong with the Southwest? First it's the Texas schoolbook massacre; now fresh on the heels of Arizona's law for economic suicide is a bill that would require the president to show his birth certificate if he wants to be on Arizona's ballot for re-election. Um, I'm pretty sure he already did this. Your move, Texas.

4. Do you like to read? Sign up for GoodReads, basically, social networking for bookworms. I haven't joined yet and am not sure I'm going to, but I thought you might enjoy it!

5. I wish I could embed MIA's NSFW new video. It is so, so good.

So do tell me, gentle readers: What's quakin' your earth this week?

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