'Tron Tuesday 4/6/10

I'm back from Los Angeles (more on that later) with some stuff to see on the Intertron (more on that now):

1. 101 Things To Do in the Next 1,001 Days! I started my list on Day Zero. You can browse what others have added to their lists, get suggestions, mark off tasks as "in progress" or "done," and even cultivate a "someday" list. What's on my list? Why, learning two languages, ride a train, stop cursing so much, and do a pull-up unassisted! What will you put on yours?

2. Badass of the Week is the most complete catalog of badasses the Intertron has seen to date, including the Kraken, Winston Churchill, Beowulf, the Black Death, and John McClane. Who cares if half of these badasses are fictional?

3. Best prank ever, on a Japanese game show, no less:

4. It might cross your mind to buy me this, but please don't. I will scream.

5. My new favorite blog, Alone... with Cats, takes you inside the hilarious mind of Jessica and her life with her two cats, Teva and Isabel. I can't really explain much more. You just have to read it.

What did you find today?


  1. Teva and Isabel feel slighted that you called me "hilarious" but didn't use an adjective to describe them. I will now attempt to talk them down from the ledge. Or the mantle. Or the refrigerator.

    But thank you ... from at least one of us. And they'll probably forgive you. In time.

  2. Isn't it obvious that no human words can do them justice? I hope it's not too late to explain.


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