Fixation Friday 5/7/10

Hello. I did not sleep enough last night. I look like crap and feel even worse. But luckily, it's Friday! I've had a lot of music put on me this week, so this edition of Fixation Friday has a strong musical bent. Enjoy.

1. Heartless Bastards:

I saw them at the Independent on Tuesday. It was a really great show. The lead singer presents quite a conundrum for me; it is hard to imagine how such a small, pretty girl produces that rich, deep contralto.

2. Another band I'm obsessed with: Hacienda. They opened for HB (see #1), and I caught the tail end of their set, and they were AWESOME, not to mention super-cute:

3. Yet another band I'm crushin' on: Eluvium. I saw him (and now he has other people playing with him, too) at Cafe Du Nord on Sunday. It's the most blissed-out, beautiful, ambient, quiet, droney music ever, and now he's added vocals to it. I'm wondering what took him so long to sing; he has a lovely voice, and it meshes perfectly with his sound. His new album, Similes, is all I want to listen to lately.

4. Making deeper connections with people you've known for a while. I love when this happens. It's a surprise friend.

5. Popsicles. The weather has been nice, and I've been wanting popsicles. No ordinary popsicle will do; I want the kind with tiny bits of fruit in it. I even went on a popsicle run yesterday but for some inexplicable reason went with frozen chocolate-covered bananas instead. Now I want popsicles even more than before.

I have used the word "popsicle" so many times in this entry. It's fun to type (and say): popsicle popsicle popsicle.

That's it, lovelies. TGIF. What are you liking hard this week?


  1. I want a chocolate popsicle now.



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