'Tron Tuesday 5/4/10

Hi, and welcome to an edition of 'Tron Tuesday that has no overarching theme outside of FUN ON THE INTERTRON! Check out these hott linxxx:

1. You thought you knew who the boss was, but did you really? The Daily Danza serves up more of "his usual mix of music, comedy, and dance" than you can probably handle.

2. Trying to decide between eating last night's leftovers and ordering delivery from that questionable all-purpose Asian restaurant down the street? Wonder no more; find out what to have for dinner. N.B. Totally veg-friendly!

3. You're not the only one stalking LOLcats. There are enough Things Following Angry Cats to fill a website.

4. Men on Reddit have said some things about these photos of Louis Vuitton models without makeup:

What do you think? I'm guilty of at least thinking similar things: She needs an IV drip, or how did an ugly duckling like that get this modeling gig? Why do we feel like it's our job to place value or lack thereof on another person just because his or her picture shows up in the media? My theory: It's in our nature to judge others on what they do. We judge other celebrities for their vocal, instrumental, or lyrical talents if they make music or for their acting abilities if they're in movies. We judge chefs on the food they make and writers on the entertainment or significance of their content and their linguistic stylings. I'm not saying it's the nice or right thing to do, but does it seem to you that judging a model by looks is really that unthinkable? In the end, it doesn't matter how many coke jokes we'd crack about these models; they're laughing all the way to the bank.

5. Right up my alley is Serenading Unicorn. Well played, Wrigley. PROTIP: The Culture Club song is the best.

BONUS: Happy Star Wars Day!

So that's that! Enjoy, and be sure to thank the Intertron for all it has done for you lately.

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  1. I think angry cats are so much better than cute cats. That's why I used to scare my fosters. Or just let them fight. :-)


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