'Tron Tuesday 6/1/10

The smartest business idea ever?

Hi, this is going to be a text-light post because I am feeling like crap today.

1. I already knew this, but if you're not convinced, read the 10 reasons it would rule to date a unicorn. Reason #7: They make okay parachutes.

2. A whole Tumblr full of hot guys reading books. You should submit a photo of you or some hottie you know reading a book. And by "submit," I mean "send to me so I can put it in my private porn stash with the photos of men's shoes."

3. If girls don't want to get with you and you're convinced it's because you're a "nice guy," you probably aren't. On a related note, SAC UP.

4. Cooking for Assholes is priceless even though the writer hardly makes a single thing that I can eat. The description of the blog (I added the asterisks):
"You suck at cooking. You f*ck up rice. You think Cayenne is that fat b*tch from around the way and Old Bay is the piece of sh*t that keeps calling the cops on you and your boys. Don't you think you would get some major action if you were able to pull off an edible culinary concoction? Follow these easy recipes and you will be swimming in the sea of love before you know it. Dap! "
5. Hilarity on Twitter. And also sadness. But if we can't laugh at sad things, life is not worth living.

Fill me in on your Intertron adventures! For now I am going home and going to bed.


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  1. I read number 3 last week and it made me sad :(


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