'Tron Tuesday 6/15/10

Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Greetings, Earthlings! I want to tell you how fabulous the past week has been for me: very. Now let's get down to brass tacks and tackle that beast we know as the Intertron:

1. The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows is exactly what it sounds like. Each entry makes you go, "Awww, bummer," and then you laugh because you realize how apt it is. My only complaint: Please organize it alphabetically!

2. This site is merely a feed of tweets from tea-partiers, but the name cracked me up.

3. The beautiful Agent Lover has a great post on the shoe pyramid (like the food pyramid, only with shoes and also upside-down). She is a fancy lady who wears high heels all the time. I feel a bit embarrassed because I can't figure out where most of my shoes (T-straps, non-Ugg boots, slip-on flats, Chuck Taylors) would fit into the triangle; I sure hope it ain't with the rest of the comfy ones, i.e., "you better go barefoot like Brit Brit in a gas station bathroom before you wear those nightmares."

4. I know I plugged it last week, but this is actually the week my friend and co-worker AF's show opens (Thursday!). Get your fly self down to Noma Gallery, and see his marvels. If you're rich, buy something -- Lord knows he could use the money.

5. Do you appreciate kittens' capacity for evil? Or do you just love cute things? Then watch this:

Show me something I haven't seen, good people of the Intertron!



  1. "aspiring novelists would be better off just giving people a hug." You know, I think I'm okay with that. Though I do like high fives.

  2. Anonymous15.6.10

    you're not mad enough to not drive your car. I love that

  3. It's a sad, sad day when even cutesy talking kittens can't cheer me up about an ocean-ruining oil spill.


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