A Pursegasm

Hey, remember when I blogged about lightening my load? You'll recall that it was a colossal failure.
My wallet would barely fit in the newer, smaller purse, much less my phone, keys, or essential day planner. My back felt much better immediately, but I couldn't enjoy it because I was busy trying to carry my credit cards and IDs in my pockets (in the rare event that I was wearing pants), playing Tetris with my purse contents, and wondering where my chapstick went.

So I went back to toting luggage everywhere. My back hurts, and I'm feeling more hunchbacked and arthritic by the day, but at least I know I've got all my necessities on me at all times.

But my trusty yellow carryall has certainly seen better days. It's at least a year and a half old, and the faux leather is starting to crack and turn a weird color. The inner pockets are shot, and a slurry of sand, dirt, hairpins, and leaked hand sanitizer lines the bottom.

Why is this timely? Because Gala Darling turned me on to Deux Lux, where I found this beauty:

Come to mama.

I want this purse so hard. I can't stop thinking about it. My mouth waters at the larger tote size. My heart rate skyrockets for the pink glitter. My eyes roll back in my head when I contemplate the hearts -- the shiny, 3D hearts! Three of them! fhewuafgeryugtrehfjsndjsvnfheiahgregdf.........

Anyway, at $80, it's not too terribly pricey, and I'm saving up as we speak. Deux Lux has a ton of cute stuff, though, so go check it out, and even get one for your fly self. Just don't choose this color and style, or I'll have to cut you.


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