'Tron Tuesday 7/27/10

I have not been regular in any way. But now is the time to change all that. I think. Step one: 'Tron Tuesday!

1. Dear boys, dudes, bros, men, and males of all ages and creeds,
Are you in awe of ladies' biology and connection to nature? Have you ever wondered what it's like to be reminded of the circle of life every month? I think this is supposed to be art, but for the right price, I'm sure you could at least rent the best invention ever: the menstruation machine. It allows men to experience the bleeding and cramps of the girls' monthly cycle. Now, if they could just add mood swing and bloating simulators.

2. In my last post, I did a lot of talking to the ladies. In case the menz are still feeling neglected in spite of that miracle of a machine above, here's another Intertron bonbon for you, especially the Single Male Programmer Types who are looking for ladyfriends. It's about your apartment:
It's a vicious circle: your apartment looks like Lonely Larry's Despair Emporium, so every time a girl looks at it, a slow, cold wind blows through her mind--she might sleep with you anyway, but the key word there is anyway. And so you're lonely, and so your apartment looks like an advertisement for a suicide hotline. Inner and outer are related, they cannot help but be.
3. Have I mentioned how much I adore The Middle Finger Project? She's inspiring in a kick-ass rather than smarmy way. Now, I've been hearing many friends express the dream-zapped sentiment, and I've been doing some thinking along those lines as well, but this article might make you start to take a little more life responsibility.

4. Somewhat in line with the last point, if you need a push being productive, here is an online timer that divides each half hour into 25-minute spurts of work and five minutes of rest/lunch/Facebook time. This is called the Pomodoro Technique (who knew?). I've used it today, and it seems to have been working so far.

5. "Is that your blood?" "Oh! Yes... some of it."

Have a nice week, my lovelies. Stay tuned for more musings and ramblings this week.


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  1. Loved it. Glad to see 'Tron Tuesday again!!


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