Gerbin': An Update

Ladies and gentlemen, we have had two readers step up to the plate with different but somewhat related solutions to the gerbin' problem. Anonymous (way to take credit for your part in solving the most pressing mystery of our time) says this:
The Gerbins were a group of Belgian exiles who sought refuge in Germany in the early 1920's. They formed a few small, tight knit communities in the Koln/Bonn region of North Eastern Germany, not too far from the Belgian border. Being such a small group, they had little cultural impact on the region, however they did have a minor culinary contribution which I'm actually surprised to hear mention of outside of Germany. This dish is in fact the Belgian derivative of the well known German Pancake. From what I've been able to glean from century old recipe books passed down through my family for generations, the main difference was the batter, not the preparation. While the specifics are hotly contested, it seems that the consensus was the use of Belgian brewing yeast in the batter, creating very thick and yeasty pancakes that were so light that they were not dense and heavy like their German counterparts.
Wow, I don't know how he or she knows this, but our Anonymous is a veritable wellspring of knowledge!

By way of another possible answer to this problem, KR links me to this Wikipedia article and adds, "It's just a twisted way of saying 'German pancakes.'"

The good news is we have possible answers. The bad news is... I was really hoping for something a little juicier. Perhaps we could believe that the Gerbins are a race of Belgian, inbred, half-pig, half-human gentle giants in hiding, still hunted to this day by the CDC because they're believed to have concocted the cure for the common cold out of midwifery and local herbs.

Either way, Gerbin' pancakes are a real thing. Go out and try some today! The more you know.

Those look gerbin' delicious.



  1. Anonymous27.8.10

    Oh god, please tell me you did not actually eat those pancakes! Some twisted jerk really made a bunch of people sick. I think a reporter from the Chronicle is working on a story right now, but suffice it to say... you ate scabie powder!

    Check it out, this is what was on/in those pancakes...


    Gerbin, A Quality Product from
    New Delhi - India

    Description :
    A specialized remedy to counter scabies, lice and dandruff.

    Benzyl Benzoate, Melia azadirachta (Meliaceae), Gamma benzene hexachloride (BHC) and Phenol.

    Uses / Prevents:
    It is helpful in uprooting scabies, pediculosis and dandruff.

    Directions for usage:
    ? Scabies - after clipping nails and having a hot bath, it should be applied to the body with a new, soft & flat brush.
    ? Pediculosis - coat the head thoroughly with Gerbin, using a clean brush or hand and then wash hair with soap and water the next day.
    ? Dandruff - after rubbing the Gerbin on scalp wash it after 5-6 hours.

  2. The only thing I knew how to do was to gerb on gerbin' on.

  3. I always thought a gerbin was a brand of suppository favoured by Richard Gere.

  4. Miranda9.9.10

    It's so great to gerb some gerbin' answers! I'll finally gerb well tonight!


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