Goodbye, 'Tron Tuesdays

So I've slacked on this feature enough that I think it's time to call it quits. I feel a lot of pressure to round up new Internet stuff on Tuesdays, so a lot of times, I don't give it my best effort because I have -- what? a day? -- to get it all together. So from now on, I'll post Intertron round-ups whenever I feel like it. Deal with it.

But to take the sting away, here's a few goodies:

1. Gala Darling's post on Gay and Katie Hendricks, relationship experts. I'll admit I skipped the videos for the more concise written part, the Seven Relationship Principles and Magic Moves (you know I like the sound of that).

2. My new favorite Web comic. A peek:

Really small, but even more impetus for you to go check out her site.

3. I think I like to be preachy to men for some reason. Here are a few things to do right. I don't really get the Macaulay Culkin thing, but whatever. N.B., Mom, you probably don't want to read these.

And that's all I've got. I can't even follow my own rules about posting five things. So on we trudge, sporadically but freely. Expect the next post WHENEVER I FEEL LIKE IT.



  1. Oh no! The Italian Stallion and 'Tron Tuesday both end on the same day?!
    Also I sometimes drive with my knees.

  2. "Expect the next post WHENEVER I FEEL LIKE IT."

    I see you and I recently have adopted the same attitude to blogging.

    R.I.P 'Tron Tuesday.


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